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Strategies for Playing the Video Slot

The ever improving graphics and animation have spurned on the development of video slots, which nowadays can be comparable to video games in terms of looks and style. But the vital question remains: is one more likely to win here than in the traditional reel based machine?

The answer to that question, as is almost always the case with casino games, will depend on the player, and the approach that will be made to a particular video slot.

What you need to know right away is that whatever differences video slots may have compared with reel slots, their inner workings are the same; at their core is the random number generator (RNG), the device responsible for everything that comes out of the screen. With this fact in mind you can now focus on the strategies that will help you gain an advantage.

At the top of any video slot strategy is to read the fine print, i.e., all the rules. Because these machines feature more paylines and bonus games, the stipulations tend to be more complex. Most of the time the machine will just highlight what you can win, but you should read all the rules to know exactly how you can get it. If you don't play with the necessary requirements, you won't be entitled to the jackpot.

Another crucial video slot strategy is to compare each machine. New players tend to get drawn in to the ones that are the most visually attractive, but you should concentrate on the prizes in relation with the denomination required. Also you should strike a balance between going for the big time jackpots with those smaller to medium paying slots, which often have superior pay rates.

The denomination in particular, is very important. The nickel or quarter video slot does not automatically mean it is cheaper than the dollar variants. Why? because those nickel/quarter machines often require you to play multiple pay lines to earn a shot at the bonus.

While that seems attractive, you could end up paying more money here for a smaller prize. In other words, you could have won the same amount for less the spins and bets had you played on a dollar machine. Always do a quick math before you commit your coins to any slot.

Video slots come in all sorts of shapes and seizes, but once you get past all the fancy graphics, it's the payouts that count. Play with these strategies, and you will not only have a good time, but earn some serious cash too.

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